Terms & Conditions

Please read the following terms & conditions carefully.

Oceania Coachlines Limited look forward to being your tour coach provider based on the following terms and conditions:

1. Prices
Prices are net and cover the cost of the tour coach and tour coach driver only. They do not include attractions, refreshments or accommodation for passengers. All prices are in New Zealand dollars and unless stated otherwise do not include GST which is a tax of 15% applied by the New Zealand Government to all goods and services.

Quotes are based on itineraries submitted and are subject to tour coach availability. If the itinerary changes, Oceania will be happy to provide a revised quotation. Alterations to itineraries by customers once the tour has commenced that involve extra distance and/or time will incur additional charges.

3.  Driver's accommodation & meals
When drivers are away overnight from their home base of either Auckland or Christchurch it is the client's responsibility to provide accommodation and meals on a Dinner Bed & Breakfast basis (DBB). The driver requires a quiet, single (not shared), ensuite room with television. Most accommodation suppliers offer preferential rates for the driver if booked with a group.

4.  Payment
If you do not have credit arrangements, we require payment at least seven days prior to commencement of the tour. Oceania reserves the right to withhold the delivery of our tour coach and driver if our payment terms have not been met. When credit has been granted, settlement must be made in full by the 20th of the month following the date of invoice.
Changes to itineraries after quoting will affect the cost and Oceania Coachlines will adjust the price accordingly. We accept payment by VISA or Mastercard. If paying by credit card a surcharge will be applied.

5. Driver's hours
To ensure customer safety and to comply with New Zealand transport regulations, tour coach drivers have time limits within which they can work. These are a maximum 13 hours work time in any 24-hour period. This includes the time before and after picking up and setting down passengers, to travel to and from tour coach parks and, to prepare, clean and secure the vehicles. A standard half-hour break after 5 hours & 30 minutes of work. A break of at least 10 hours after finishing a work period.  A break of at least 24 hours after accumulating 70 hours of work time.

6. Dinner transfers
We are pleased to provide dinner transfers. When they are additional to a long days touring, such as a Milford day trip from Queenstown (12 hours return) this will take the driver out of hours. In such circumstances, we recommend passengers dine in their hotel or walk to and from a restaurant.

7. Alcohol consumption
We do not permit the consumption of alcohol on board our tour coaches. It is against the law to consume alcohol on board tour coaches unless you have obtained a temporary liquor licence added to which, stains and odours caused by spillage make it very unpleasant for the next passengers. We do however allow water or clear beverages with screw caps to be consumed.

8. Food consumption
The consumption of snacks aboard our tour coaches is not allowed. Crumbs and food stains are very difficult to remove from our luxury fabric interiors. We are happy to make frequent refreshment stops along the way.

9. Smoking
Smoking is strictly prohibited on or near any of our tour coaches.

10. Damage to Tour Coaches
The hirer of the tour coach is liable for any damage resulting from any willful or reckless damage to the tour coach that occurs during the hire.

11. Peak periods
The busiest times of year in New Zealand are late October to early December and late January until mid-March when demand considerably exceeds supply. During these and other high demand periods, we reserve the right to hire-in a similar standard non-Oceania branded tour coach if Oceania coaches are not available.

12. Unexpected circumstances
In the event unexpected circumstances occur such a break-down or driver ill-health, Oceania will arrange an alternative tour coach and/or driver at its expense and this shall be the limit of any responsibility by Oceania for any financial loss or inconvenience that results.

13. Passenger seat belts
Most, but not all Oceania tour coaches have individual passenger seat belts. When passenger seat belts are provided, it is the responsibility of individual passenger to fasten them up.

14. Safe Driving
Customer safety is of paramount importance to Oceania. It is our policy not to exceed speed limits or in any way break New Zealand's traffic laws even if it means a late arrival. When continuing the journey is unsafe due to weather or road conditions or in circumstances that could damage the tour coach (for example, overhanging trees, or rough unsealed roads). We reserve the right not to proceed or to amend the original itinerary. Oceania does not accept any liability for any resulting financial loss or inconvenience for these policies.

15. Restricted roads
Where road access is restricted for tour coaches, Oceania will not travel on them regardless of whether or not it is shown in the client itinerary. For example, large tour vehicles are not allowed to travel over the Crown Range from Queenstown to Wanaka.

16. Responsibility
Oceania Coachlines and its suppliers shall not be held responsible for any property loss or damage and/or from any damages resulting in personal injury or death which may arise whilst passengers are onboard or near tour coaches operated by or supplied to Oceania.

17. Accident Compensation
You acknowledge that New Zealand has a no fault law and claims are handled by the Accident Compensation Commission (ACC) pursuant to governing legislation, including the Accident Compensation Act 2001. Because of the wide range of help available from ACC after an injury, you can't sue for personal injury in New Zealand except for exemplary damages. For further information refer to www.acc.co.nz
Should you require additional cover outside that provided by ACC, then you should organise your own cover direct. Oceania Coachlines is not obliged to take out any such cover on your behalf.

18. Personal Insurance
Oceania Coachlines Ltd strongly recommends all passengers purchase their own travel and medical insurance.