New Zealand Scenic Tours

Oceania's Environmental Commitment

Oceania is keenly aware of the importance of being a good environmental citizen and all our new tour coaches meet the latest Euro Emission standards.

The New Zealand landscape is our heritage - we are committed to minimising our impact upon it.

Euro Emission Standard

The Euro Emission standard is the standard set for engine efficiency. It aims to progressively reduce the amount of nitrogen oxides and particulates emitted into the atmosphere.Engines built to Euro4 standard achieve a 30% reduction in nitrogen oxides and an 80% reduction in particulates emitted. Engines built to Euro5 standard reduce nitrogen oxide emissions by a further 40%. This is achieved by creating highly efficient fuel combustion, which is then supplemented by a system that converts exhaust gases from harmful nitrogen oxides into harmless water vapours.

Clean & Green

Tour coaches are the cleanest and most carbon-efficient way to travel. According to The American Union of Concerned Scientists, the carbon footprint when travelling by tour coach is the lowest of all modes of transport. UK data shows that tour coaches emit 0.03 kg of CO2 per passenger kilometre. This is half that of trains and radically smaller than the amount emitted by both cars (0.11 kg) and planes (0.18 kg).

Energy Efficient

Tour coaches are remarkably fuel efficient. Less than one litre of fuel will carry one passenger over 100 kilometres by tour coach. A car will consume 5.9 litres of fuel to cover the same distance. The International Road Transport Union has estimated that one tour coach equals up to 30 cars from a fuel efficiency standpoint.